Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The City of Ember: The Movie

Based on the novel The City of Ember, this movie does a fairly good job of portraying the story. I definitely liked it less than the book, and I'm not really sure if I liked it at all. It was an okay portrayal, and I'm still a fan of the storyline, but if I was the director, I would have done things much differently. They added unnecessary things, smoothed over some things very quickly, and the "instructions" where all very different. I really enjoyed the book and wanted to enjoy the movie, but they weren't able to give it the correct background and set up that it needed, nor the exciting execution of the novel.

If you do want to see this movie, I would recommend seeing it before reading the book. But that might be confusing so I don't know. I'm just all sorts of up in the air with this movie. Maybe someday I'll reread the book and rewatch the movie. Then my opinion will change. But for now, mediocre.

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