Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of School Houses and Sunburns

Yesterday and today the seventh graders of CMS had a field trip, half going each day, and I was asked to help out at the Iron Mission State Park Museum both afternoons. Yesterday I worked in the school house as the school marm. I got a switch and everything! It was really fun to show the seventh graders what school was like back then! Today I was a mover, helping the groups move from one activity to the next so I spent most of my time outside. It was a nice day and I got a little rosy! They had great activities: the school house, candle dipping, bread baking, brick making, a stagecoach activity, a handcart pull, and a game like baseball -- where I spent most of my time today. It was hilarious to watch the kids who really play ball try to remember to hold onto their bat as they ran to first base. It was a great day and I loved how it was both fun and educational for the students! 

Unfortunately, a lot of state park funding is being cut right now and the Iron Mission Museum may be getting cut! Museums don't generate a lot of income and rely on outside funding to stay opening; hence them being cut as funding is cut. I really would like to see the Museum stay open! Sometimes they're a little boring, but it is open year round and it's part of our history here in Utah. I would hate to see it get cut. 

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