Monday, October 3, 2011

.: Busy, Busy, Busy! :.

This weekend went up north to visit. Cass really wanted to go to the mission reunion so he could see a companion coming in from California. We left Cedar Friday afternoon, after I got home from school, and took another mission buddy up with us. My parents took us to Tucanos for dinner that night-- delicious!!!

We headed up to the reunion and Cass got to see some of his old old mission buddies, so that was good for him. We spent that night at my parents' house.I had to wake up Jordyn when we got there cuz I missed her :)

In the morning we watched conference with my family, then headed up to Orem to see baby Aminoa, our newest cousin. She's Bou and Vania's baby. She's only a few days old and is so tiny and precious! She was about five pounds at birth (same as Jordyn) so I thought I was prepared for how small she would be. I was wrong! I had forgotten how small five pounds really is! But She was just gorgeous. I just love her! 

That afternoon we went up Grandma and Grandpa McCoy's.  We watched the rest of conference and then all the menfolk went out to eat before priesthood while the women and children had our own party. We had Cafe Rio and made "hair pretties" and bracelets. And, of course, I ran around with and played with the little kids, especially Pyper! They were great though; I had fun!

We spent that night at Chris's house and watched the Sunday morning session with Chris and Pyper. We then began the trek southward; first stopping at Forbes to see his new baby, Oliver. He's about two weeks old, so he was about twice as big as Aminoa! And he was such a little cuddler! 

Afterwards we stopped to visit Morrell, who had just spent the weekend on the farm, and then back to my mom's house for Sunday dinner. My cousin Whitney and come down from Rexburg, so it was nice to see her in addition to the rest of the crew. 

Johnson Family Photo!
We made it back down to Cedar last night (and I finally had a good night sleep!) but we had a great weekend! It was great to see everyone!

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  1. Wow! Lots of visiting and fun stuff! I always forget how small babies are when they are first born and every time I see one I am just blown away. They are tiny! (Until you think...what, you were inside ME?! Then they seem huge...)