Wednesday, January 23, 2013

let's talk about princesses

There's a modern movement, especially among feminists, against princesses. According to them, princesses teach our daughters to be spoiled, selfish, to let the men "rescue" them.  People don't want to expose their daughters to princess any more.  They want to get them away from all things pink and girly, exposing them instead to strong women role models. 
If you can't tell, I disagree.  And not because I'm kind of a princess myself or because I don't want my daughters to be strong women. My daughters can be whatever, whomever, they like, as long as they are good people

If my daughters love pink and princesses (which may be genetic at this point!), okay. I'm good with that. But good princesses are polite. It's the step-sisters who are snots.  Cinderella remains a lady despite her treatment by the stepsisters. Princesses have responsibility   They have to set a good example.  They have to take care of their people. 

There are also examples in real princesses. Princess Kate, who's technically only a duchess, is one of The Hundred Most Influential People in the World according to Time MagazineShe supports many charities and is to volunteer with the Scout Association in North Wales. She always appears ladylike and professional in public. She doesn't dress like a tramp. She doesn't act like Paris Hilton or Snooki. She acts like a princess and is a great role model! Why wouldn't I want my daughters to act like a princess? 


  1. Amen! I think sometimes people get a little too worked up about things, and I think sometimes they look at them in the wrong light. When I think of Princesses I've NEVER thought that gave me permission to be a mean brat. The princesses I grew up with were strong women. Granted, they were sometimes disobedient (Ariel) and headstrong (well...all of them...) but ultimately they were GOOD girls who were fighting for respect and love, etc. They loved their parents, they loved their siblings (if they had any...seems like a lot of them were only children...) and they even tried to love and respect evil step-mothers/siblings. How is that BAD?!