Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 Weeks Down . . .

10 weeks to go! I don't know how my belly can get even bigger! 
But really, everything is going well. I've gotten sick a few days, and obviously my back has had pain, but nothing terrible. Baby girl is doing really well; she loves to move around, especially when I'm trying to sleep. When I'm lying in bed, on my side, she'll bounce from one side of me to the other, so up and down like she's bouncing on a trampoline. Sometimes it feels like she's doing back flips in there too, especially after I eat! The worst thing she does is kick me in the ribs, in fact, she kicked one out of place! So last week I finally got myself to the chiropractor; I went again today. Hopefully I'll get sorted out here soon and get some sleep before the baby gets here! Not too much longer to wait!
about 28 weeks
 almost 30 weeks


today -- bigger every day!

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