Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I Shouldn't Do

[a list of things I learned the week before my wedding]

Watch SVU alone in bed when my phone is on the floor

Read teenager books that reinforce all stereotypes and make me feel like I missed out on my teenage experience. (
fall girl. Not worth your time)

Inhale sushi followed by copious amounts of water. Can one be over-hydrated?

Try to polka dot Jordyn's toes

Buy clothes online

Send all my books to Cedar ahead of me

Get the nook app. Even for free books they wanted my credit card info! The kindle app didn't but maybe because I have an amazon account already?

**Go cold turkey on caffeine!**

[you'd think I would learn . . .] 


  1. I hate buying clothes online, I'm always afraid they won't fit or they will look dumb on me!

  2. That is EXACTLY what happened!