Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So I Wish I Could Dance!

So somehow I missed that So You Think You Can Dance was on Hulu until about mid-July, but I've been watching it -- or at least the dances -- when I can. I mean, I enjoy the show, but I don't always enjoy the commentary. So sometimes [a lot] I skip it. Although I did enjoy some of the guest judges: Kristen Chenowith, Neil Patrick Harris, the red-head from Modern Family.  They're cute and snarky. Or I love broadway. Possibly both. :) 

I have always loved dance, but I just couldn't let it be my entire life.  Yet I still love dance and need it in my life. So sometimes it's inspiring [and sometimes it's discouraging] to watch others dance. But this fall -- in one week! -- I start teaching dance classes! I'm excited to make it a part of my life in a positive way, so here is some inspiration for you from So You Think You Can Dance!

1. I love group numbers!  

mmm . .  . Tyce Dioro

Just like Chicago!

And a nice moody contemporary piece

2. I hate Hip Hop but I *love* Contemporary Hip Hop

NappyTabs does it for me everytime

And who couldn't love this?
(And it's a beautiful cover!)


3. And who doesn't love a good-old-fashioned SYTYCD Contemporary love story?

4. A little commentary. Melanie won SYTYCD. And no doubt she is a gifted dancer, she's in many of these pieces. But sometimes she just drives me crazy! Like, I hate her! Why is this?? Maybe it's her hair . . . [wait . . . Mom? Jenn? Maybe does she remind me of someone we don't like?] But here she is, one last time

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