Friday, August 12, 2011

The Rest of Her Life

Rest of Her Life, The

This is my second Laura Moriarty book (turns out it's her second book as well) and I enjoyed it nearly as much as I did the first.  

The story is told form the point-of-view of Leigh, the mother of Kara. Kara was driving, on the phone, with a friend and a dog in the car. And she hit a fellow student, one who was in the crosswalk, headed home. And she died. 

The novel tells the story of this family as they cope, as they try to heal, individually and as a family. Leigh struggles in her relationship with Kara; they were never close and the gap becomes larger because of the accident. At first she doesn't know how to look at her daughter, she sees her as guilty and cannot seem to reconcile her feelings. This novel is all about their relationship, the mother-daughter dynamic and how it changes. 

I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it. I personally did not resonate with Leigh the way Moriarty intended, but I think that is because I am not a mother of a teenager. I am not the intended demographic, so I did not, could not, identify as well. Yet I did like the book. And I think you should read it. Especially you, Mom! :) 

Aside: There was one part, near the end, and I'm like, "Oh! This is it! This is the surprise! This is the twist!!" And then I remembered Jodi Picoult just reviewed the book, she didn't write it. So watch out for that part!

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  1. ah this is going on my list! i need to go to the library in a big way. (mostly because my current books are 2 months overdue....umm..) And oh that jodi picoult and her surprises.