Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do Men Make Better Bosses?

I vote yes. In my personal (and possibly limited) experience, I have found I like and respect my male managers more than their female counterparts.

Women seem to take everything much more personal than it is meant. I have had women managers tell me I need to be nicer to male cooks -- who cared not because I was being rushed and efficient. Not rude. I have always felt that please and thank yous should not be given simply because someone is doing their job. Many women, however, appear to value manners and friendliness over execution of a job well done.

A somewhat interesting accompaniment to this is that my male managers have consistently been more aware of the busy-ness of the business and allow breaks or slow-downs after or In lack of a rush. My female managers care only that we "stay busy".

Conflict resolution, I have found, is also easier with the boys. They can be a outsider look and solve problems between two employees. The female has a favorite, or a side she favors. Even in problems with managers, i have been able to sit down with him, discuss, resolve, move on. The girls want to know irrelevant details. They want to talk about it days later. And you show up in a bad mood one day and they take it super personal. Dude, it's not you. Now get to work so I can.

I know I prefer male managers a million to one.

What do you think?


  1. I agree that female bosses generally make everything more personal and emotional...but I actually had a male boss like that and he was almost worse! I guess there is always an exception to every rule but I'm gonna say it's not just about gender but about personality.

  2. I had a male boss like that once too. But I always thought of him as a chick. . . haha

  3. i'm totally with you, jayme! i feel like many female bosses i've had feel the need to overcompensate to maintain their they're often meaner and more cutthroat than male bosses. But, i've had really good female bosses too. i like your point about how females struggle more with viewing conflicts objectively.

  4. See, I've had one good female boss. She was objective, didn't get involved and emotional, was a good leader, powerful, and all while 9 months pregnant! (She actually was the first one who spurred this thought in my mind as we discussed why a different female employ didn't like either of us: we wouldn't be walked all over!)