Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date Night: 17 Miracles

So we're officially an old married couple. For "date night" we caught a matinee of 17 Miracles to be followed by dinner at (of course) Wingers. 

17 Miracles tells the story of the Martin-Willies, mainly from the perspective of Levi Savage. I enjoyed this movie from a religious point of view, but it was lacking from a "Hollywood" point of view.  One of the 'miracles' I didn't find too miraculous (*spoiler* -- the one of the girls and the snakes) and another I didn't quite buy (*spoiler* -- the one where the pie or whatever appears).  However, I was touched by many of the others and by the hardships of many of the characters. I wish they had broadened the story more, into miracles of all the saints as opposed to multiple similar miracles of the Martin-Willies, and I felt that there was too much of a focus on the love story of Sarah Franks and George Padley for a movie based on miracles. Overall, however, I did enjoy this movie, and it nearly brought me to tears. I feel that it definitely fulfilled the purpose it set out to. 

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