Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi! This is my blog about my absolutely ridiculous life and adventures as I graduate later this month and try to be a grown up. Every day, graduation gets closer, but all I can think about is all the papers I need to write, the presentations to put together, the dances to choreograph, and the jobs I wish I had. I'm not nervous, I'm not excited. I'm not at that point yet; I am merely a paper writing machine who is worried she won't get everything done in time! 

(So of course I make an entire blog rather than write a paper)

I did work very hard today, though! I finished my senior thesis, which is on Isadora Duncan and how, as a product of her time, she raised the dance from entertainment to art. Hopefully I only need one major revision after this, as the semester is nearing its final days and time is running short. But I have learned an awful lot in the writing of this paper.  It's really made me think; and that's the point, right? Education is not regurgitation, it's taking the information given you and deciding for yourself what it means to you, what is truth. 

This paper has, also, been rather relevant as of late. In World Dance Forms we were discussing dance as Art vs art (Art being better than art, of course), but also art vs entertainment. But can Art not also be entertainment? Or what if I just want my dance to be entertainment? What if I just dance for fun, not to make a political or artistic statement? Must dance be art? 

But I digress. This is another post for another day. 
Peace out!

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