Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am a reader. I have always loved to read. As a kid I would rather read than play at recess.  Mom would take us to the library frequently, and I would still bring home as many books as I could carry, probably more than I should carry. Reading has always been a large part of my life. 

And then college interfered. I was still reading, but reading what was assigned to me, not books I wanted to read.  There was no time. But I look back and think about all of the books I never would have read, all the authors I never would have been exposed to.  Granted, some of the reading I have done in college was boring. Some was a complete waste of time. But some were amazing. And some I just like having said that I have read. I mean, isn't it an accomplishment to have read Ulysses  by Joyce? Or Aristotle's Metaphysics? And to understand them? I have never thought of myself as a smart girl, but being able to read those books, to understand them, to be able to carry on a conversation about them, makes me feel a little smarter, a little bit like maybe college just isn't a waste of time.  

But I still look forward to graduating and being able to pick what books I read for myself. I have a large pile of books to be read, and I would much rather read them than Psyche and Matter (Marie-Louise von Franz) or yet another article that just might maybe be helpful in writing a paper. But the faster I finish these, the faster I write all my papers and finish all my finals, the faster I can return to my books!

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