Sunday, April 24, 2011


In any Christian religion, one would think that Easter would hold just as valuable, if not a higher value, than Christmas.  Christmas celebrates the birth, but the birth is irrelevant without the resurrection. And yet, Christmas generally results in a much larger celebration.  But perhaps this is just the commercialization, and Christmas presents provide a larger revenue for Corporate America.  Regardless, my mother always tried to make Easter special for us kids while we were growing up.  We generally had two, if not three, days of Easter, so that we could keep the Pagan rituals (eggs, bunny, basket) separate from the Spiritual (church, Jesus, resurrection).  I really like this.  It enabled us to be kids and enjoy the commercialization and materialization we thought we needed.  But it also allowed us to learn of the Savior and his role in our lives.  We even have a special family home evening lesson pioneered towards Easter that we use, even though we almost never have family night. 

And so, today, I wish you a Happy Easter. May you remember the Savior and enjoy the chocolate! 

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  1. Your mom's idea is brilliant! We always do that for Christmas, but I think sometimes we forget that it would be just as easy (and important) to do it for Easter. For some reason with Easter we feel we have to shove it all into one day...the spiritual and the commercial.