Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Feminist and a Lady

Yeah, Yeah, it sounds like an opening for a joke . . . 

But really.  With all this feminism going around, I feel like the whole concept of being a lady is lost.  I can still be an independent woman, equal to men, and allow him to buy me dinner or open my door.  And is it not more gracious to allow men to help me? To be chivalrous? I feel like in striving for equality, women are trying to make men redundant or worthless, trying to completely replace them. I think we're forgetting that we want EQUAL, not better than, or else we're just reversing the prior roles and becoming hypocrites. It's also important to remember that we are equal in potential but if we don't take full advantage of this, then NO, we are NOT equal.  Yes, both you and your husband can go to law school and be lawyers.  But if he is an ECON major and you decided to get pregnant instead . . . yeah, he's smarter than you.  Sorry dude. But on the flip side, it's entirely your choice, and you have to own it. And you can't get upset if he get's a scholarship or better grades because he worked harder. but you can do that too!! We, as women, are just as capable as men, we just have to work for it, too! 

I also have this problem with the lack-of-personal-hygiene generally associated with Feminism. If there can be lipstick lesbians, can there not also be lipstick feminists? Can I not be attractive and independent? 

So this was kind of ramble-y but anyway, I think you can be a feminist and a lady!


  1. You bring up a very good point about equality versus superiority. Men opening my doors isn't so much a thing that I need done because I'm incapable of doing it is a way that a man can show that he respects me. Equal partners have to respect each other. It doesn't make us unequal because he opened my door and I made dinner. It just means we respect each other and took on different roles to balance our lives out! Feminism has gone a little too far these days, if you ask me.

  2. Well and equal doesn't have to mean equal in all things, it's overall. We have individual strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other. It's really neat to think about.