Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cloth Diapering: So Far, So Good


Before Ellie was born, we got some newborn disposable diapers so that if I had a hard time recovering, I wouldn't have to worry about laundry. When the pack was almost gone, I went ahead and started putting her in cloth. She has little chicken legs, so the leg holes are just a titch too big, but it's usually not a problem. Her poops don't really stink yet, and the bag we store the dirty ones in locks in the smell really well. Washing them hasn't been an issue either. I have even changed her in "public" -- at church and the doctors -- and it's been fine there too. She's a little squirmy, so getting the diapers on her is probably the biggest issue so far! We've also been using the cloth wipes; they work great, I just need to order some more so we have enough! And, yes, Cass changes her diapers, too, if you were wondering :) 

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  1. I still sometimes consider cloth diapers and then I chicken out. I'm so ridiculous. Glad you are having a good experience with them, though!