Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Darci's Bridal Shower

One of my best friends, Darci, is getting married next month, and this past week was her bridal shower. The shower was in Salt Lake, so decided to go up to Mapleton a few days early and spend some time with these lovely dorks: 

We had some great girl time and Jordyn barely left my side! She even enjoyed watching So You Think You Can Dance and Breaking Pointe with me! 

The shower was Saturday and it was great to see Darci! She lives too stinkin' far away! The shower was fun and it was nice to see the other bridesmaids, too. Someone took pictures, but they're not on facebook, so this will have to suffice:

at the wedding expo
 I had a great weekend and I loved seeing everyone!  


  1. What?? No love for the Mama?

  2. You know I love you best of all! You just aren't the one begging me to stay another day :)