Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top Ten Things I Learned in Hong Kong

(in no particular order as we wait in the Taipei airport)

1. "Alight" means exit
2. No theme park can top Disney
3. "Modest is hottest" -- literally!!!!
4. Just because your husband served his mission there doesn't mean he knows his way around; we spent lots of time looking at maps! (as he's looking over my shoulder, I should add that he says it's because he tried to be a good missionary and didn't do the tourist stuff :) )
5. Dim sum is delicious!
6. My lotion (probably) smells delicious to whatever bugs ate up my calves.
7. People dressed as monks can still scam ya.
8. Always carry water!
9. An umbrella will most likely be your first purchase.
10. Pack extra socks when you leave for the day-- walking around in wet socks is no bueno!

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