Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church in Tsing Yi

For Sunday we had planned to go to the LDS church on the island, but I had one of my wicked migraines, so Cass let me sleep in. Once I felt like a human, we headed over to the closest church near us in Tsing Yi. We didn't know the meeting schedule so had to wait a while for the international ward and just hung out at the church. 

The ward we went to was mostly full of Philippina sisters. It's very common for women from the Philippines to leave there families, come to Hong Kong, and work. I never realized how close the Philippines is to Hong Kong, but you can see how close they are here: 

Some women even had babies back in the Philippines! Babies that they never get to see! But here they were, working so hard in Hong Kong, mostly raising other people's children. And they were the friendliest ladies ever! 

I haven't felt so welcome in a ward for a very long time. I think almost every single woman in that ward came up to introduce themselves. I was blown away by their kindness and testimonies. If we ever move to Hong Kong, that's  the ward I want to go to. Those ladies were an amazing example to me. 


  1. I can't imagine leaving my baby in another country while I work! That's strength. I'm glad that you were so welcomed to the ward. I've found that in areas where people don't have a lot of family, or even a lot of church members, they are a lot more friendly and welcoming because the people at church ARE their family.

  2. For real! They were amazing sisters!