Monday, February 11, 2013


I first read Edward Bloor's Tangerine many years back.  Probably about when it first came out in 1997. I feel like I liked it then, and I liked it again this time around. Paul is our main character and the new kid at school.  He's also been having strange memories and questioning why, in fat, h needs glasses and his eyes are so ad, since he doesn't remember looking directly at the sun as he's been told happened.  But that's not all to the story. Paul's brother, Erik, is a jerk of a football star and their dad is pushing him to be the next big thing, even at his new school.  Likewise, Paul is expected  as always, to sacrifice for the brother's football dream.  But Paul has his own port and his own dream: Soccer. 

Tangerine is a great YA novel and I would especially recommend it to kids who feel different, as well as those who don't always enjoy reading, but might be convinced to give it a go if the book is about soccer. It's a good, enjoyable read. Read on!  

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