Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Far World: Water Keep & Land Keep













A few years back, Jenn's friend's (who has since become a friend of mine as well) dad got published. Jenn read the book, but you know how I always mean to read a book and never do. And then Jenn said the book wasn't really my type anyway. Well, fast forward to the last time I tole some of Matthew's books and J. Scott Savage's Far World: Water Keep and Land Keep ended up in my pile. And last week, I finally read them. 

We have to main characters, orphaned and crippled Marcus from Earth and Kyja from Far World, who is also orphaned and has her own disability, as far as Far World is concerned. Marcus has been transported to Far World and as he and Kyja learn of their origins, they also learn that it is now their responsibility to save Far World. 

I really enjoyed this adventure.  I'm bummed it's a series with on the first two out (okay, I think the 3rd is out now? Or at least almost . . . ). Well, regardless, it's a cute book with likable,  relate-able characters and an exciting adventure in a magical world.  I highly recommend giving this series a go! 

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