Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Not Look Like A Victim of Domestic Violence

So, I'm clumsy. And I bruise fairly easy. Sometimes, I look like an abusee. Yet I still have this small child obsession with bruises. I want to poke and prod and sometimes I wonder how much blood is under there; it's gross. But I also wanted to know if there was anything I could do to make my bruise go away faster. It's rather unsightly and Cass felt bad about the bruise, family even teased him about hitting me & I kept saying I "walked into a door."  It going away would be good all around. Plus, it was deep so it hurt. 

My internet research said to ice it initially, then heat it. So I iced it a few times (remember the rule when icing: 20-30 minutes, no direct contact with skin), saw a little change in it, and then did some heating on Monday (follow your heating pad's instructions!). Warm showers help, but it's not a direct enough contact to help the bruise. If you don't have a heating pad, a warm wash cloth would help a little; it's better than nothing! And a little over a week, my bruise is healed! All gone! 

And that, my dear friends, is how to stop looking like a victim of domestic violence without awkwardly layering on the clothing even though you're pregnant and think it's too hot every where and really just don't like long sleeve shirts anyway! 

Initial Damage: bruise is so fresh it looks red, black, and purple
After Ice & Heat, a day or two later: Visible change
A few days: Starting to fade around the edges & lighten in color
One Week: Blood flows down. Bruise is darkest at the lowest point, and fading a ton.
A week and a few days: hardly visible. 

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