Friday, August 3, 2012


Welcome to my Friday night! 
I guess I should be doing something fun and exciting, but eh.
Thus is married life. 
Plus Cass is in bed asleep ;) 
So I'll catch up on some blogging!

Before I get to my thought on the plays I saw, I want to show you the neat door decs Cass made for his staff. Their acronym this year is PTCH, or Patch, so he and I were brainstorming and thought of pirates and eye patches. We went to the craft store and Cass couldn't find anything resembling an eye patch, so he figured he'd make some himself. 

The next day we were going to get crafty and 
Cass thought: "iPatch! like a brand!"

And I was all, "You should do the iPod guy, you know the one with the headphones? And give him an eye patch! Could you do that?"

And he did. 


  1. Very cool! So what does "PTCH" stand for?

  2. It's the names of the complexes: Ponderosa Terrace and Cedar Hall