Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Middle School

Cass and I have been trying to de-junk the whole summer, so the other day I was going through my old files and getting ride of stuff I don't need. A lot of it was old school stuff that I have been hording. For real. Old notes from classes my freshman year at SUU. Don't worry, I got rid of a lot of it!! But I found myself missing school. I'm a little sad I don't get to buy new pencils and notebooks. I don't get to take exciting classes on interesting topics and have engaging discussions on them. [I'm over-glorifying school. Just a little

Instead, I get to go to middle school again.
Unfortunately, it's as a grown up. Too bad I can't go back to my middle school days. 
[which I'm also over-glorifying. who really wants to go back?]
Despite the acne and the drama, middle school was good. 
I may have looked like a dork, but I'll focus on the happy memories. :)

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  1. I definitely am okay with NOT going back to middle school. But I find myself missing going to school a lot. I miss learning and expanding my mind on a daily basis. Sometimes I even miss having papers to write. But I never miss finals. ;)