Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business

I have a great big chimney sweeping, car flying, singing and dancing crush 
on one Mr Dick van Dyke.
Let's be real- Who doesn't? 
He's amazingly talented, even in his post-retirement age days.
He wrote this book about himself, and I absolutely adore it.
And him.
Oh Dick, I swoon.
He's quite an amazing man, in addition to the song-and-dance man
we all know and love.
His life has truly been lucky; he is so lucky.
He married his high school sweetheart and stayed with her almost 
entirely through thick and thin. She gave him four children. She stayed with him during the early, struggling years. And when they parted, he made sure she would want for nothing.
The one thing I admire most about Dick?
He made a promise to never be in anything he couldn't watch with his children.
He didn't want to tarnish his name or his character.
And you know how we all like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but it's kind of missing that Disney Magic? That little spark that just makes you sit in awe and wonder? 
Dick knows that too. He actually turned it down quite a few times before he agreed to it.
I just love this man. 
All I want is one last Dick-and-Julie song-and-dance classic.
Dick? Julie? Robert Iger? Can you help a sister out?
I think Walt would approve!!!

So anyway, if you love Dick as I do, read this book. Watch Mary Poppins.
.: magic :.

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  1. I can tell that my sister would love this book. Thanks for the recommendation!