Thursday, January 12, 2012

Errors that Irk

Ya'll know how I'm a hater? 
Well, these are some of the errors that irk me!

~When people use apart when they mean a part.
Example: "I'm so glad you're apart of my life."
 [you're/your is also a problem, but eh]

~Over-correction of I instead of me.
Turns out that's not a picture of I with my friends.

~"Circus Ole"
Ya'll have hear it,
c'mon folks,
~Possessive apostrophes used when the noun is merely plural.
I've seen this, in a classroom--
"Good reader's: predict, infer . . ."

~When of is used instead of have. 
I know it's a problem. We all say could've, would've, should've,
I've even been caught with couldn't've. I know that's bad. But this is worse.
"We could of had it all."
NO! Never! Please! Stop!

~And my last irking error, for today, is not really an error, 
but truly a problem nonetheless. 
It's this whole "good v well" problem.
If you answer that you're well when someone has already said they're good-
you sound stuck up.
And sometimes it just gets confusing when to say it. But still.
You're good at something.
But you're feeling well.
Which really gets into the bad/poorly problem. . . 

Well, folks. Thanks for stickin with me through today's rant.
And, yes, "stickin" was on purpose.
Sometimes I'm a hick.
But really, I hope I didn't make any errors in this post!
That would be embarrassing.


  1. I can't stand it when people say, "EXspecially" instead of "especially". It drives me crazy. And when people write out "wa-la" or some such nonsense when I know what they are trying to say is the French word, "voila." If you can't use it right...don't use it!

  2. Ba you're totally right! I made sure to spell Cirque and Soleil right and totally messed that up! PS I SAW THEM THIS WEEKEND!! :P