Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Grandmas, Quilts, and Weddings

My grandma passed away January 15, 2007. She was the mist kind, loving, selfless woman I have ever met. I won't go into brag-mode, but suffice it to say I consider myself blessed to have had her example. I sure hope she wore of on me.

As I plan my wedding, I am oft thinking of how things would be different if she were here. She was both an expert seamstress and quilter. She made stockings for all of us by our first Christmas, would randomly make us quilts, sewed my baptism dress, and was apparently finishing my mom's wedding dress on the way to the temple! While Grandma probably would've sewn my wedding dress, what I wanted most was a wedding ring quilt. You know, one of those old school ones that take forever to make and represent eternity. Well my mom loves my brother-in-law enough to make him a stocking last Christmas, but she doesn't love me enough to make me a quilt. And so I was resigned to store bought quilts until someone taught me to make my own.

This weekend I was thrown a lovely shower by my sweet new aunts and girl cousins. Grandma Swallow was able to leave her mission for the afternoon and come as well. And she made me a gorgeous quilt! I was just blown away that she would take the time out of her busy schedule to make me -- someone she hardly knows-- such a wonderful gift. Even the aunts and Grandma McCoy. I have met these people once before, and they were also so kind and welcoming. It was great!

And yes I love and miss my grandma. But these women will be wonderful togave in my life as well.

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  1. Awwww that makes me so happy! What a sweet family you are marrying in to!