Friday, June 3, 2011

Let Your Inner Tiger Roar?

So the other day I was reading one of my favorite mommy blogs, Suburban Turmoil, whose post was about Tiger Moms. And I'm not a mom, but it got me thinking.

I'm already a tiger, so I will totally be a crazy tiger mom. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm much less of a tiger now than I used to be. I can acknowledge When I didn't do my best, when someone gave a better interview or audition than I. But then there are the days I sit and wonder how I have had such an easy time with jobs I am seemingly unqualified (or at least under qualified) and am yet struggling to find a job in my field in Cedar. And at first I get a little 'tiger-y' about it. Almost to the point of entitlement. I mean, I'm Good!!  I have Experience!! But do do other people. And that's okay. I'll just keep trying. And so I've got to ditch the tiger sometimes. As my mom would say, be a duck. And as Dory would say, just keep swimming. And so I just keep going, keeping my tiger to myself. 

However, the tiger is very helpful sometimes. It gives me confidence. It helps me stick up for myself. Maybe we all need a little inner tiger, as long as we know when to cage it! But I think it will come in handy once I'm a mom. All kids need an advocate in their corner.  I look forward to being the biggest cheerleader for my children, and silently sulking when they didn't get the solo, even though they don't care.

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