Monday, May 30, 2011

Am I Unpatriotic?

I have recently been accused of being unpatriotic, which is, of course, showing a lack of love for one's country.  Now, I'm not the first person to stand up and die for my country, but I am most definitely American, am I not? 

I say the pledge.

I  support the troops. 

I vote. . . when I remember 

I believe in and support the constitution.

I have studied up on American History.

I would love to see American historical sites. 

But . . . I'm also more versed in British Monarchs and their consorts than American Presidents. I would take a trip to the Tower of London over D.C.  I would meet Queen Elizabeth II over President Obama. I have multiple non-fiction and historical fiction novels taking place in Europe, but none of early America. I'm much more fascinated with European History than American. But I grew up with American History. My ancestors settled the colonies.  Other ancestors settled the West. I know their stories.  I've heard them all my life. 

Perhaps I'm more interested in histories of the monarchs than of the presidents, because the histories of Europe are much more personal.  No American president had a sister as Queen of France.  No American president had their wife beheaded.  No American president rebelled and started a church of his own (although a presidential candidate did . . .).  No first-lady sucked at English, had an almost impotent and very incompetent husband.  

Clearly I'm more into the gossip rags than the political import. But does that make me unpatriotic?

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  1. Is the definition of Patriotism knowing and loving only the country you live in? If so, there are a lot of unpatriotic people out there, myself included. But I think Patriotism has to do with what you know, what you love, and what you will stand up for. Do you love living in America? Do you have a basic knowledge of American history? Would you defend this country if you had to? That is Patriotism to me.