Friday, July 20, 2012

Of Bachelorettes and Bruises

July has been a super busy month for me so far!
So while I haven't blogged in a bit, I do have lots to blog about!

Two weeks ago was Darci's wedding weekend. Cass was on-call and had lots of work responsibilities, so I drove myself up. It wasn't a bad drive, and I got to listen to my nerdy podcasts, until it started raining. Turns out the driver's side windshield wiper isn't very effective! 

The bachelorette party started with a pole dancing class at Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio. As you can see from the name, the focus is more than just looking sexy. And WOW! It is hard work! I found myself thinking, "Gosh! I can do all this stuff without a pole in dance, why is it so hard now?!?!" Plus, I have absolutely no upper body strength! Hard stuff, ya'll!

All sweaty after class!
Natalia, me, Whitney, Jessie, Darci, Jill

Jill's baby, Kylie
Darci, showing off her new abilities!
"Go upside down!"

You can't see it very well, but I got an awesome bruise on my calf and shin!
I got more little purple bruises on my inner thighs, but I thought I'd keep those out of sight . . .
We played some crazy games after the pole dancing class and Jill made us dinner. It was delicious and we had a great time, and Darci gave us some super cute stuff! 
bridesmaids presents: including self-made earrings and necklaces!
the note she included
The wedding ceremony was on Saturday and we were all to get ready together at Darci's apartment. However, I woke up super sick that morning. I slept as much as I could before it was time to go up to Darci's, but I still felt gross. Unfortunately (for everyone!), I kept throwing up at Darci's and they sent me home! I'm sad I missed out on all the wedding fun, but Darci and Tyler had a great wedding day and it was great to see Darci! 

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