Saturday, November 19, 2011

CVHS Craft Fair

Every year the CVHS Talons have a craft fair as a fundraiser and have dancers from around town come for entertainment. My first visit was in 2006 and was my first date with Cass. Sort of. As long as a bet doesn't make it not a date, for he and I made a bet. He thought I couldn't go a week without tv. Turns out I'm pretty stubborn, so I won the bet. So he had to take me out on a date. [I'm not actually sure if this was my idea or his, or what would happen if I lost the bet. Okay, so I just asked Cass what would have happened if I lost. His response: "You would have paid for dinner. Or that's what I told you." -- "So really you just wanted to take me out to dinner?" -- "And get you to stop watching tv" -- "So I would spend time with you?" and he smiled sheepishly. Oh my husband :)]  Since won, I got to choose the date. There was only like three places to eat in Cedar back then, so I chose Wingers. I also had to dance at the craft fair with Waukeenyans that night, but I wasn't taking any chances. This date would not be postponed! We had a lovely dinner at Wingers, well, I did. He ordered something gross. He's since learned the error of his ways. We then sojourned to the craft fair where he paid to watch me dance. Afterwards we went back to my apartment and watched Gilmore Girls. I thought I would punish him for making me go with out :P However, I quickly fell asleep, mostly due to a lack-of-caffeine migraine because I'm a good date and only got water at dinner. And Cassidy left, lonely and dejected. Poor guy. I make a pretty bad date!

This year I was a much better date for the craft fair -- at any rate, I didn't fall asleep or subject him to Gilmore Girls! Again, we went to Wingers; I just love their sticky fingers! And fries!! mmmm :) The girls I teach were dancing at the craft fair, so we had to get their half an hour before they went on and then be there for the dances. I was busy with the girls for the first half hour, so lucky Cass got to walk around and look at all the cute crafty booths. Then my girls danced; Cass got to record them for me while I stood on the side, shepherding them on and off the make-shift stage. (You can watch their dances on my "choreography" page) After the fair we came home and played Risk. Don't worry, I totally won. And, thanks to the diet coke I'd had that afternoon, I was still good to go, so we watched 10 Things I Hate About You, which we both enjoyed, so it was a win-win situation! Overall, I had a great night! Date nights are always great and my girls did a great job at the craft fair!

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  1. Isn't it fun to find out what was going through our husbands' heads "back in the day"? Sounds like a fun night!