Sunday, September 4, 2011

Facebook & Famous Relations

{{So there is this app on facebook that shows you your famous [and famous Mormon] relations. And if your facebook friends have enabled this app & are related to you as well, that will also show up! Here are some of my famous relations, but for your convenience///reading pleasure, I have limited the Mormon relations to 6th cousins, because I have a ton of 8-10th Mormon Relations since all of Utah is related!}}
  • David Haight, 3rd Cousin

  • Gordon B Hinkley, 6th Cousin

  • Spencer W Kimball, 5th Cousin

  • George Albert Smith, 6th Cousin

Other Famous Relations
  • Susan B Anthony, 5th Cousin

  • Emily Dickenson, 7th Cousin

  • Walt Disney, 7th Cousin

  • Thomas Edison, 7th Cousin

  • Eli Whitney, 4th Cousin

  • Orville & Wilber Wright, 6th Cousin

  • Mark Twain, 7th Cousin

Who are you related to? And If you do the app, 
see if you're related to me!

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  1. Are you related to your husband by chance?